Packing for a Business Trip

Once a year the company that I work for ships all the sales organization employees to a week long trip. This trip allows every sales person to get to know each other, learn about the current state of each branch of our sales organization, and partake in relaxing breakfast, lunch, and dinners. At the end of the week everyone gathers together and dresses up for the awards dinner where those who had the most successful sales year are thanked and awarded.


But how exactly does one pack for a business trip? Let’s go over on how to pack for a week-long business trip.

Now packing for a business trip can be an intimidating task. You want to ensure you bring enough clothes so that you’ll have appropriate outfits for all the different events, meetings, and activities you’ll be attending. You want to make sure you your not carrying around too many items when you arrive and that your bags/luggage is too heavy.

Since we are on the topic of bags let’s go over what kind of bags are appropriate and how many you should carry.

Most airlines allow you to take two items in the plain with you. A carry on and a personal item like a laptop bag/backpack. For a week-long business trip this is more than enough.

Your personal item should be where you store your laptop in, notebooks/trip itinerary/pens, and your in-flight entertainment such as books and electronics.

Now, let’s review on what we have packed. Your personal bag contained all of your work related items such as: your work laptop, your trip itinerary, a notebook, pens, and your in-flight entertainment.

All that is left to pack is your carry on. The best option is to get a small rolling suitcase built to the exact dimension requirements. Most major luggage companies make “guaranteed carry-on” models. This is where you will put all your clothes for the trip.

Image result for small rolling suitcase

A week-long business trip doesn’t mean five individual outfits made from entirely separate items. You’d need a truly over sized suitcase for five suits, five shirts, etc.

Instead, the ideal business trip suitcase should be filled with interchangeable items. At most you should be bringing a jacket and a pair of pants for every other day, rather than every day, so you can mix and match your items to create different effects.

In general, a recommended load for a five day business trip in varying formality would look something like this:

Two Jackets: One blazer for events and one suit jacket for formal nights.

Two pairs of pants: one navy and the other to match your suit. If your suit is navy than both pants should be navy but only the suit pant is the same material as your suit jacket.

Two pairs of jeans: the jeans for when you arrive will be the same jeans you wear when you leave. The other pair of jeans you can interchange throughout the week.

Five  long sleeve dress shirts: three of which should be light colors for casual wear and two in plain or light white for those dressier occasions.

Five white undershirts: Wear one underneath your long sleeve shirts

Two dress belts: One to match your black shoes. One to match your brown shoes. Or buy an interchangeable belt to save room.

Two Pairs dress shoes: One black one brown. Wear one on the plane to save room.

Five pairs of socks: One pair for each day in black or brown to match your shoes.

Six pairs of Underwear: You can never be too careful.

Pajamas: Purely your preference.

One mini bathroom bag: Includes shave kit, tooth brush and paste, and any other toiletries.

This should be all that you generally pack. Some items you can rotate in depending on the weather and location of the trip include: polo shirts, golf attire, overcoat, umbrella, sneakers, etc.

Now let’s review. Make sure to bring no more than two bags one with your business related items that you carry around with you and one with your clothing and toiletries. Pack two jackets one blazer one suit, two pants one casual one for your suit, five dress shirts, two belts, two pairs of dress shoes, five pairs of socks, six pairs of underwear and one pair of pajamas. These are your essential clothing items for a five day business trip.

Now that you have your essentials you are ready for your week long business trip. Remember to be formal but to also enjoy yourself. Have fun!


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