3 Reasons to Wear a Hat

Image result for men wearing hat black and white


Hat’s have always been a part of a man’s wardrobe since the beginning of men’s fashion. Hats provide warmth during the cold and shade during the heat. They make you look taller and add a bit of class to your outfit. In this post I will share three reasons for wearing a hat.

Three reasons for wearing a hat:

Hats are useful:

The right hat can keep the rain off your head, protect you from the sun’s rays, and disguise a bad hair day. Among clothing and accessories, they are unique in their ability to communicate and convey respect for others. 

 Hats can make you stand out:

Wearing a hat such as a fedora is rare these days, especially when worn properly and with confidence. Although I don’t advocate setting yourself apart by simply being “the hat guy,” if used correctly it can be a distinguishing feature that sets your place in a casual acquaintance’s memory bank. 

Hats alter your perceived height:

Hats create the illusion of added height. Why is this important? Because height commands respect and authority in a first encounter. Just ask any tall man who is used to being the first person people see when he enters a crowded room or on the other extreme a short man who can often feel overlooked.

These are three reasons to wear a hat. Stay tune as next week I’ll be sharing the hat I have in my wardrobe.


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