What’s in my Wardrobe: Timex Watch

Welcome to another weekly blog post where I share one item that I have in my wardrobe. Many men’s fashion sites and blogs tell you what to wear and how to look but hardly any of them share what clothing brands they actually own. In today’s blog post I will be sharing the most simplest of watches that I have in my collection and that is the Timex Weekender watch.

Image result for timex weekender watch

Timex Weekender Watch

The above is a photo of the watch and nylon NATO strap that I have in my wardrobe. This watch is Timex’s Weekender Stripe watch. The following specs come directly from Timex’s website:

  • INDIGLO® night-light
  • 24 Hour Time
  • Red, White and Blue Striped Nylon Slip Through Strap
  • Water-Resistant to 30 meters

The case is a round polished chrome case. The size of the case is 38 mm. The dial color is white and has full Arabic markings. The watch movements is Quartz meaning it is battery powered watch.

I purchased this watch because I wanted a cheap yet stylish watch that I can wear whenever. I chose the stripe nylon NATO watch strap a few weeks before the 4th of July and yes, this was a part of my 4th of July outfit. This is a watch that I could hit against and not worry about the scratches or swim with and not worry about the damage done to the watch. It comes with a nylon NATO strap that can easily be changed as Timex offers a variety of colors. It is my watch of choice when my day involves more physical activities such as hiking or moving things around the house.


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