What’s in my Wardrobe: Brooks Brothers Performance Polo Shirt

Welcome to today’s segment of What’s in my Wardrobe. Many men’s fashion sites and blogs tell you what to wear and how to look but hardly any of them share what clothing brands they actually own. In today’s blog post I will be sharing my personal favorite performance polo shirt and that’s the Golden Fleece® Original Fit Performance Polo Shirt from Brooks Brothers.



I purchased my very first polo from Brooks Brothers around the same time I purchased my Timex watch that I highlighted in my last post. It was the Golden Fleece® Original Fit Performance Polo Shirt in Navy with red logo. This polo was what I wore for my 4th of July outfit last year.

I continue to purchase these polo shirts because they truly are comfortable and last a long time. As mentioned I purchased my first Brooks Brother performance polo last year and after numerous washes it still looks good. Though these shirts are a bit pricey I highly recommend owning at least one in your wardrobe. I was looking for a polo that could keep me cool and comfortable during summer and still look nice. These polo shirts, to me, are the perfect blend of comfort and style.


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