Coats and Jackets

It is the month of December. If you are looking outside there is either snow, rain, or shivers outside. This winter season calls for men to stay warm and thus brings the need to wear coats and jackets.


Some things to consider when purchasing a coat or a jacket:

Fabric: If you want a coat that will last you almost a life time than you will need to purchase a coat that is made out of 100% wool.

Cashmere coats are nice, soft, and warm but they will show wear on the cuffs, the collar, and moths love them. Also, they can double the price of a coat for little to no advantage in terms of warmth or appearance. With the quality of most wool jacket fabrics these days, they are often just as soft as all but the finest cashmere.

A blend of cotton and polyester is okay too but note that polyester is a much thinner material and the coat/jacket will not be as warm compared to those made from wool and cotton.

Fit: A coat or jacket should be a bit more spacious so you can fit a t-shirt or even a button up or polo underneath it. The sleeves should not go past your wrist and the length should not go below you knees unless you are wearing an overcoat or a trench coat.

Price: Coats and Jackets come in several price tiers. Make sure to stay within budget and buy what you need. Make sure the coat/jacket serves its purpose and in fact keeps you warm. When it comes to coats and jackets think more of function over form or function over fashion. Stay warm and not flashy.

In summary, a well-fitted coat is a smart investment to make as it keeps you warmer than your standard “zip-up hoodie.”  Every time you put it on, you’ll instantly step up your style even if you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt underneath it.




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