Men’s Fashion Icon: Steve McQueen


On our last Men’s Fashion Icon post we highlighted a symbol who has throughout the years proven time and time again what to wear and how to look good doing so.

This time however, we are highlighting a man who made a crew neck sweaters look good. Think Great Escape (1963). Yes, I am talking about Steve McQueen the famous actor. This man has more than just Men’s Fashion Icon but an icon to “hip” and “cool” too.


McQueen was a man who brought any role to life on the screen. I recall watching The Magnificent Seven and just being enthralled by the writing and the performance of each actor. Even McQueen’s supporting role as Vil Tanner was amazing.

From Rolex watches to motorcycles anything that surrounded McQueen became “cool.” An actor who will be greatly missed but his influence and movies live on.


All images are from and labeled for reuse.


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