My love for Watches

Watches, watches, watches. I love them. I have my aunt to thank for purchasing my first “watch” and my best pal Sean for informing me about the ins and outs of watches.


To me watches are the best accessory a man can add to his wardrobe. They are simple, lightweight, and functional. Though some would believe watches are now obsolete thanks to the invention of adding a clock onto cell phones but I constantly use mine. In the days when technology is can fail at you at any moments notice it is nice having something reliable on your wrist. My cell phone though new can take a numerous amount of seconds for the screen to turn on and show me what time it is. Not to mention the seconds it takes for me to whip out phone and wait to see what time it is. In some occasions 15 seconds have passed until I know what time it is on my cell phone. I do not have the time for that.

Luckily the dive watch on my wrist takes only two seconds for me to find out the time. My watches have allowed me respond quickly to when people ask me “What time is it?” much faster than my phone ever has. Not to mention some of my watches have a date setting so I am always aware what day it is.

From cheap hand me downs to expensive vintage watches I love them all. Each new battery and each new wind of the crown adds some enjoyment that only fellow lover of watches would understand.




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