What to Wear Today: Friday in December



Winter is here and with winter comes the cold. So long are the warm summer days when wearing shorts and a t-shirt was semi-appropriate.

The best way to keep warm this winter is to layer up. Adding layers to your winter wardrobe keeps your body’s temperature from dropping low.

So the layers you will need:

First layer is a t-shirt. Any t-shirt can do something soft and comfortable. I stick with Nike cool “Dri-FIT” shirts as my first layer.

Second layer is a flannel or button-up shirt. Flannels in recent years have become the norm to wear during winter time. If you want to be a little different add a casual cotton button up shirt.

Third and last layer is a parka. Parka’s come in all shapes and sizes. You will need to try on different ones to match your look and style. Personally, I think the bigger parkas add some flash to your outfit. A slim and thin parka is my go to option during the winter as it can keep you warm during sunny winter days and dry during rainy ones.




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